La Francesca

La Francesca looking at the sea

La Francesca looking at the sea

Torrazza is a beach in the west coast of Sicily with a unique quality of the water, coming directly from an underwater stream, from the canal of Gibraltar. Because of the cold water, coming from the Atlantic Ocean, the beach is mostly used by locals and it has been public since ever.

In reality, the only public part of this coast, is a stripe of sand of tree meters next to the shore, the rest is private. The owner, probably close to the mafia, in the 50s has tried to build a huge resort, big as the whole beach, luckily blocked by the local politicians, but only after few columns were placed in the middle of the beach, now removed. La Francesca is the only house, built in the 50s, before any national law was able to protect it as common property.

In fact, the house was finished and used only for few weeks and later it was closed and abandoned. This house stands as a monument to the corrupted political system of that period and it belongs to one of the most important and rich families of Marsala.

Only the sea and the slow process of nature can swallow the entire structure in few hundred years.

La Francesca House

The house

La Francesca in Torrazza

The place

The entrance from the sea

The entrance from the sea

Torrazza in March

Torrazza in March

The newly placed sign

The newly placed sign


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